Thursday, June 21, 2012

Body Parts

Another lesson God has taught me is that we are not meant to or designed to handle everything on our own. That's been a tough lesson to swallow at times, in the course of my cancer battle, as I find I am just physically unable to do all the things I used to or want to do. As much as I want to cook a fabulous dinner for my family, go pull weeds in my garden, or dust those bookshelves that have really been bothering me, I have to let go of things, let others do for me and keep my butt firmly planted on the couch.  It is so frustrating when my body just can't do what my mind wants to.

My latest challenge involves my heart. Good grief, it seems like it's always some new body part breaking down each week, but now it's my heart! I have always been strong, physically fit, no problems or limitations, before the cancer. But now my heart is challenged and has been taking a beating (no pun intended!) due to some of my treatments and medications. Its not supposed to be this way! I should still be running and turning cartwheels! But now I have to be careful, limit activities, and take special care of myself..... and accept help and allow others to do FOR me.

The truth is God often answers our prayers and ministers to us through the hands and feet of His people. He refers to the church as the BODY of Christ -- each part has a different purpose, a different ability, a different talent. An eye cannot serve you in the same way a stomach does, and no one person can do all things. That's why God gives each of us a different gift and puts us together in the community of a church, so that we can help and support each other.

I have a dear friend who tends to go MIA for months at a time when she is dealing with a problem, whether that might be physical, financial, or emotional.  Instead of seeking the support of her friends and family in Christ -- other parts of the body -- she tries to take it on all by herself, and the problem becomes overwhelming.  I start to wonder why I haven't heard from her in such a long time, then find out she's been hiding all alone with this huge problem.  I love her so much and it hurts me as well to see her pain. This is not at all the way God intends us to live.

Over the years, it has also taken a lot of pressure off me, knowing that I don't have to be Martha Stewart, Chef Ramsey, etc., etc. - - - - - - all rolled up into one. It's OKAY! That particular thing just isn't my gift! God gave me a different gift! I am an elbow -- not a knee! I am a different part of the body, no less valuable, no less useful, no less needed, just different. When you're facing a problem or find that you need help, don't guilt yourself about it and don't hesitate to accept help from others.

Thank you, Father, for Your perfect design and plan -- for the different gifts You have given each of us and for fitting us together so well. Please help me to be a willing recipient as well as an instrument of Your Hands and Feet. You are so good to me. How grateful I am for those people who have helped me with the gifts You've given them. Please bless them for their willingness!

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